Thursday, February 10, 2011

Social Media: What the hell is that?

I have to admit, when it comes to "social media," I'm still treading in the backwaters. . .ideologically and in practice.  My ideas of social media were formed watching an older daughter try, use, then leave My Space.  When Facebook came along, I was told it was the "My Space for adults."  This turned out to be true for about 15 seconds as said daughter, the daughter #2 both joined.  I joined a long time ago, but only because a friend thought it would be cute.

Now, I'm beginning to realize why I have to use it.

Facebook, Twitter, Amplify; they all are there for fun and games, and are used that way by about 90% of the members.  Guys like me who always thought of them as a sure waste of time and a huge pain in the ass are now learning they are the gateway to jobs in our chosen fields.  As a full-time educator, I have little use for Facebook or Twitter.  As a part-time voice actor (I've been reading, too, and this is what I'm supposed to call myself. . . lookout!), the "Social Media" sites are a must if I want to get my name and voice out there to potential clients.

My problem now is; how do I use them to their potential?  How can I generate some interest in my voice using them?  Well, for right now, I'm just using this blog as a "jumping off" point, Amplifying it, posting new links on Facebook, and tweeting updates.  Then, I go back to Facebook, comment in threads, make sure people see my name, hopefully follow my links, follow my blog, get their followers to follow me, hope on of their followers owns a big commercial production house, calls me, and "voila!" I get a job.

In the meantime, I'm also relying on the "old fashioned" method of giving great service to clients, depending on referrals, and following up on contacts as a way of generating business.  For now, my primary goal is to learn and grow, and hopefully not get lost within the "Social Media."

I also welcome all advice on how to make better use of it all!

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