Friday, March 25, 2011

The Sad Reality of Voice Acting

This is an excellent article on the truths of voice acting. I have a feeling a ton of people who have recently flooded the market (me included) are going to be dropping out very quickly. Thank goodness I have a couple of day jobs to sustain me. If I had to rely solely on VO work to make a living, I'd be the burger flipper with a great demo.

Sad to say, as I have written before, there are far too many making $1,000's of dollars on the hopes and dreams of potential VO talent. Boot camps, "inner-circles," and unscrupulous "coaches" are getting fat on starry-eyed newcomers. I, for one, am keeping my pocketbook closed to these latter-day Levi Strauses (get it, it's a gold rush metaphor. . .not a great one, but a metaphor nonetheless).

Enjoy! Thanks to Dave Courvoisier

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