Friday, December 24, 2010

Experience? I Haz It

Sending out my demo has me wondering about the word, "experience."  See, I may lack what some might call "experience" when it comes to voicover work.  Believe me, it's the farthest thing from the truth.

See, I'm no "one-trick-pony."  Doing voice work is not my only profession.  I have been a practicing attorney since 1996 and a classroom teacher since 1990.  My degree is in radio/TV communications with an emphasis on production.  I have some acting and singing experience to add to the resume as well.  So,  why is it that I would be considered "inexperienced?"

The answer is probably because I haven't had my voice recorded in a studio and played on a radio station for about 20 years.  Hell, my voice has been on TV in the interim.  So, I don't really consider myself "inexperienced" when it comes to commercial voiceover work.  Here's why.

I took the one-day voiceover class at the (world famous) Marc Graue Voiceover Studios in Burbank.  Marc is a great guy, and I consider him to be a mentor.  The most important thing I learned that day was that my entire life's experience made commercial voice work come easy for me.  I was nailing reads of all types (with the exception of some medical jargon that trips up everyone):  commercial, narration, animation, and ADR.  I was pretty stoked.

So, based on that "experience," I have cut my demo, sent it out, and wait for replies.  Sure, I don't have a SAG or AFTRA card (yet), but I have plenty of "experience."

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