Monday, December 27, 2010

Getting That Break

During the holidays I find I have time to think about how to get my voice out there are hopefully start getting results.  I have been sending my demo via e-mail and regular mail, I've started this blog (which is akin to a tree falling in the forest), and now what?  How do I generate real interest in my talents that may lead to being signed and then to a booking?

One way is to offer my services for free.  This isn't such a bad idea because I have a full-time job now that allows me to do some work on the side.  I figured I could do a spot or two for a business and even offer to record their phone commands or hold message while I'm at it.  I could offer to narrate a web site or a corporate presentation.  I'm willing to do most anything short of sweeping up after the company holiday party.

Let's hope I get the chance.  If anyone has a lead, I'm available, and I'm listening.

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