Thursday, December 30, 2010

Agent Interviews

So I got a call about my demo today from an agency.  It was an agency I had sent a CD copy of my demo to who has apparently moved offices. The first time I sent the demo to them, it came back as undeliverable, so I jumped on Google, got the new address, and sent the sucker back out (it does me no good just sitting around in my bedroom) This goes to show that persistence pays off. . .for now, anyway.

Now, in my limited experience with agent interviews, I have learned that early is not always best.  I went on an agent interview back about two weeks ago and ended up sitting in a reception area for about 35 minutes.  I even saw the agent come in and walk around before she called me back.  All the time I was thinking, "How will I get home once they've towed my car from the Metro Ride Share lot after discovering that my car was the one out of about 500 cars parked there "illegally."  Anyway, the meeting was, to be generous, "brief."  I sat down, she introduced herself, asked for a headshot (I was a little surprised that voiceover talent gets asked for these), and explained what she was doing.  Five minutes later, I got a handshake and the "we'll be in touch" farewell.

Not sure if I expected more, but I was a little disappointed.  My instincts going in told me not to get my hopes up, but what the hell, I had to be positive. . .right?  The person I consider my mentor in this endeavor put in perspective when he said, "Hey, it's better than no agent interviewing you."  I cannot refute that logic one bit.

So here I am on the cusp of a second interview.  I did some research on the agency (thanks again, Google!) and found out they are small (just like the last one) and may be good for someone getting started.  My interview time is for "anytime after 12:30," which I suspect is more of a "cattle call" than an actual interview.  Who knows?  All I can do is show up, dazzle them with my brilliance, and hope for the best.  Good thing I just put new tires on my car.

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