Monday, January 24, 2011

OK, So I Sound, uh, Sensitive (?)

People who have known me for a while are surprised by one of two things: One, that I have a blog about being a voiceover artist, or two; that I talk about my feelings without gratuitous expletives and epithets.  Guess that means I'm multifaceted.

I really want this blog to be an account of what I've learned and what I'm learning as I re-launch this part of my life.  It may also be a place where potential clients may try to find me.  It can also be a place where fellow voice-actors can visit for a sometimes-serious, sometimes-not look at what we do.  I've talked about the frustrations of dealing with agents, traffic, auditions, and waiting.  I've tried to share what tips I've used and which are junk.  All in all, I'm going to keep it professional and not slag anyone unless I think they're ripping people off.  If I link to their sites, it's because I've used their product, I like it, or they linked to me (I dropped one link who did not link back. . .if she links to me, I'll re-add it, but for now. . .no link). 

This is the era of social networks, blogs, and website optimization.  This little blog is just my feeble attempt to get the word out that I like to record my voice for other people for money.  Sorry if you want me to do that for free, but I gave that up back when I was 10 and I would record me doing voices and reading the newspaper.

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