Monday, January 3, 2011

The Best Laid Plans. . .

Things got delayed today by the weather.  Go figure.  Rain causing havoc in Southern California?

Preposterous, I know.  Nonetheless, I'm scheduled to meet with my potential agent on Wednesday.  I still plan on bringing my positive outlook tempered with a dose of reality.  I know I'm one of the new kids on the playground (no way I was going to say "block"), but I have every reason to be confident.  If you've listened to my demo, you know why.  My voice is relaxed and professional.  I can adapt to most any situation.  My grasp of technology is such that I can turn around auditions in minutes, and I can make sure they are free of pops and clicks.

Bottom line:  I'm ready for this to happen.  Happy New Year to all. . .now get me signed!

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